When one hears the name “Guerra” in Miami, it’s a name that is synonymous with hospitality, amazing events, and the development of successful businesses. Emilio “Emi” Guerra is part of a select few notables who make Miami and its nightlife and hospitality shine to the rest of the world. Emi (as he prefers to be referred) is part of a family that includes three more siblings whom have each helped to change the Miami and South Beach landscape with their unique areas of expertise and positive contributions. Respectively, all four brothers have run the top nightlife hotspots and consulted for many of Miami’s most respectable eateries.

For close to two decades, Emi Guerra has been leading the way in the highly competitive Miami entertainment market through his companies Guerra Marketing Group (GMG), AMPM Presents, and with his partnership in Club Space. Club Space is the most recognizable venue in the world of electronic dance music, due to it's unique market positioning and, as of 2015, fifteen years of successful operation.

Emi keeps his appreciation for the entertainment scene alive through his ventures. He specializes in revenue and traffic generating programs for venues via innovative grassroots marketing concepts. Guerra and his team of social media marketing specialists and web developers take interactive dialogue to a new dimension, using innovative platforms that assist in the power and growth of the ever-changing digital world.

As one of the founders, Guerra conceptualized the Surfcomber pool parties in 2004 during that year’s Winter Music Conference. Now on its tenth year, the pool party continues to be the premier location for top-notch dance music events. With its clean art deco surroundings, creative elements and his team’s vision behind the cutting-edge stage and concept, the series of pool parties has attracted the world’s best DJ talent. That same year, Emi and his partners decided to produce a summer version over the American Independence Day holiday weekend; suitably titled, “IndepenDANCE”, this beach ball blast has become the go-to event for the summertime in Miami.

In 2010, coupling the biggest names in dance music with big-ticket venue attributes, Guerra and his partner Alex Omes brought the Swedish House Mafia and launched the first ever ‘Miami Masquerade Motel’. Because of the massive numbers in attendance and favorable outcome for the parties, they decided to bring back this landmark event in March 2011, but this time, to the sands of Miami Beach itself. The Miami Beach edition of the Masquerade Motel represented the first time a dance music-oriented event was allowed to take place on the beach itself in over a decade.

Inspired by the power of innovation, music, and people, Emi has headed up the marketing and operational direction of Club Space, the pioneering Downtown nightclub dedicated to dance music. Since its debut on March 17th, 2000, Guerra’s keen attention to detail has helped the world famous venue receive numerous ‘Best US Club’ awards from DJ Times, DJ Mag, the Miami Herald, the Miami New Times and many other major publications. He continues leading the venue on its path of success. Space Miami will be celebrating its 15th year in operation, a milestone for the notoriously fickle US nightclub market.

This year, 2015, sees Emi Guerra's relentless drive kicking into yet another high gear, with the further development of his nightlife and special events company, AMPM Presents. With a specialty that includes the whole scope of event production, from small fetes catering to 300 ultra-high net worth individuals, to music festivals encompassing a crowd of 30,000 people or more dancing under the sun, to weekly nightlife events for wide and niche markets alike.

In addition, Emi's own Guerra Marketing surges on, providing strategic lifestyle marketing services for small and large businesses alike who require that "corporate meets cool" edge.

Also, Emi's partnership in Ibiza Importers has borne strong fruit, leading the brand growth of Hierbas Ibicencas Mari Mayans, the genuine Ibiza liqueur, into the US market and beyond.

With such diverse ventures, Emi Guerra has crossed the line from businessman into the true definition of entrepreneur. Constantly reinventing, constantly creating, Emi is focused on continuing serving up results-driven marketing initiatives for brands he collaborates with as well as helping create and grow successful large scale events and productions.

Equipped with this recipe for success, he will no doubt continue on as a “mixologist” who understands and lives an equation comprised of equal parts balance, collaboration, dedication and vision.

Stay tuned…